Harvesting True Growth

This project would never have been possible without the incredible support and generosity of farmers who gave us the materials to grow a teaching garden at the Phoenix Center in 2009, being utilized to grow new farmers and to provide produce for local foods cooking classes at the Phoenix Center:

·  Far Out Gardens in Erie has been beyond incredible; donating plant starts, seeds, books, row cover, compost, and dripline. Sheila has also offered much needed farming and greenhouse advice and continually donates extra produce for the cooking classes.
Growing Gardens and Cultiva in Boulder have donated plant starts, seeds, and compost.
Cure Organic Farm in Boulder donated plant starts.
·  POTS’s Farm in Boulder donated plant starts and an autographed copy of Bunny’s book,
Digging It.  
The Urban Farm in Stapleton donated a truck load of composted manure, making up the bulk of soil amendment used for the garden.

The Gate
by Lauren LaPlante

The years passed in prison

With so little good to find

No hope or rhyme or reason there

And those around me, blind.


As time passed on and by me

The time brought me a place

This place gave me a garden there

The garden gave me a gate

We’ve opened it to hopefulness

Accomplishment and grace

And work together side by side

With sun upon our face


A paradise where we forget

This never ending time

We know of who we can become

Regardless of our crime


This gate I call our blessing

So tiny sweet and blue

Pass it into a miracle

Produced by me and you.