Harvesting True Growth
Harvesting True Growth is a unique whole, local, seasonal foods catering service in Colorado.  We create fresh and inspired dishes for large and small events.  We focus on hand-crafted food using original recipes influenced by traditional dishes, prepared with local produce.

Harvesting True Growth raises organic vegetables for events, supplementing with other local agricultural producers and ranchers.   

Buying locally strengthens the local economy, supports a healthy bioregion, and is more environmentally sustainable. Plus fresh food is more nutrient dense and just plain tastes better!

Harvesting True Growth is a full-service catering company.  We offer a full range of hors d’oeuvres, lunches and dinners, including ethnic cuisine, vegetarian dishes, vegan dishes, and gluten-free dishes. 

 Contact us for pricing and menus. Download one of our menus:
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“What a wonderful group of people you are. Thank-you for sharing your skills with us and nourishing us! Keep up the great work! The tomatillo sauce was amazing! Thanks  ---HEN” (Hunger and Environmental Nutrition Work Group)


“My friend Amy-lou always used to say that you can tell when food is made with love—and your food is! Thanks”


“Absolutely delicious and wonderful. Thank you so much. ---Kelly”


“Beautiful food and flavors. Congratulations!---Alison Harmon”


“Thank you so much for creating this wonderful food. It was delicious....I am jealous of the people who get to eat this wonderful food....So, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Best wishes, Jon”


“Thank you for the delicious, socially, environmentally, and ‘local economically’ sound food! It’s such a pleasure to eat nourishing food that has a story. You all were kind, genuine, and hospitable—that’s hard to find these days. Keep up the dynamite work! The revolution will not be microwaved, Andy (aka ‘Cotton’)”


“Delicious and nutritious is how I roll. You’re food was great as well :). Thanks for helping make for a wonderfully catered event: HEN’s Film Fest.---Tyson Weens.”


“It is rare indeed to be treated to such a delicious and varied array of wholesome, nutritious food. Everything was creative and satisfying. And the servers knew all the important details—what the ingredients were, where they came from, and that they were local. I want all the recipes! When is the cook book coming out?!—Jennifer Wilkins, Cornell University”


“Thanks so much for presenting such a delicious array of local healthy food. What a great catering concept. We came late, and you served us great food with professional enthusiasms. Thanks so much. Joanne Barhey, Univ of New Hampshire”


“Everything was nourishing and delicious. My favorites included salad rolls with beets and squash; the hummus; and the quinoa sushi rolls. Thank you for making this wonderful food.”