Harvesting True Growth

Welcome to Harvesting True Growth

Harvesting True Growth is a developing nonprofit that is organized by
felons and ex-felons for the support of felons and ex-felons.

Our Mission

To provide an ongoing harvest of healthy food, education in horticulture, and healthy cooking skills that support the community and help instill a healthy lifestyle as we show responsible concern for the community.

     Anti-Oppression Statement of Organization

Passed 9/26/2010

Harvesting True Growth seeks to alleviate the suffering caused by oppression and also work as a group to not allow these tendencies to be condoned within our organization. HTG prides itself on strongly affirming that we are an anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-homophobic, multi-cultural organization and that we embrace people from diverse cultural backgrounds and beliefs. 

Harvesting True Growth stands against oppression through affirming actions and attitudes that challenge personal, cultural, and institutional oppressions.  We will thwart oppression within HTG by confronting all remarks, attitudes, and gestures that seek to oppress or exclude an individual based on sexuality, sex, race, or creed. We believe strongly in removing individuals from HTG’s membership who are unwilling to challenge their own and others’ racist, sexist, and homophobic beliefs and to support those members who have embraced HTG as a safe and meaningful organization. We will create a space that is safe, inclusive, and supportive for all felons that stand against oppression and for food justice. Though our differences can feel intimidating, we also affirm that we share a common experience that inspires us to fight against the institutions of oppression together to create a secure and just world. 

HTG is committed to ending institutionalized oppression by working together as a multicultural, non-profit organization whose members are commited as "stakeholders" in the work. The vision for this initiative is to end oppression of all forms and establish a powerful network of individuals, organizations, and community-based entities all working toward a food secure and just world.