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Volunteer With Harvesting True Growth

One to three times a week, Harvesting True Growth meets to develop the nonprofit, have sustainable agriculture classes, and/or have a local foods cooking class. We are so thankful to the farmers, chefs, nutritionists, and nonprofit consultants that taught classes and provided materials for the classes. Consider sharing your experiences with cooking or cultivating. If interested in volunteering, please contact Katie at info (at) nhwcenter(dot) org.

Donate to Harvesting True Growth

We need farm tools, such as a truck, a walking tractor, hand pushed precision seeder, rolling markerfor grid planting, rotary tiller, broadforks, shovels, hand trowels, pitch forks, post hole diggers, wheel hoes, hand hoes, and other tools.

We need culinary tools for the cooking classes and catering jobs, such as a good blenders, dehydrators, serving platters, chef knives, iron pans, a walk in refrigeration unit, and we have many other needs--just ask! 

We need use of a commercial kitchen for catering jobs.

We need land to cultivate in Adams County (with a second choice being in Arapahoe County or Denver County). In 2010 we will be developing job opportunities for program graduates as they are relased from the Phoenix Center. We need land for farming to create job opportunities in farming and in local foods catering. We will start with one acre in 2010 and expand by an acre every year (doesn't need to be in the same location). We are also open to cultivating yards and vacant lots.

Office space and office supplies - As we expand beyond the confines of the Phoenix Center, we are looking for a central location to organize the future of Harvesting True Growth. We need office space and office equipment, such as a computer, a printer, paper, toner, desks, etc.