Harvesting True Growth


Three Goals Guide Our Work:

Goal 1: Increase food production and food supply through improving the economic viability and sustainability of Adams County farms; supporting the development of new farms, community gardens, and home gardens of under-represented communities; and developing a support network between small-scale Adams County produce farms.
  • HTG will promote an effective, self-sustaining distribution system among local agricultural producers to sell produce locally
  • HTG will support an increase in the direct marketing capacity of small scale farms
  • HTG will foster community understanding of the importance of access to fresh local food
  • HTG seeks to increase Adams County food production
  • HTG will increase the number of under-represented farmers and gardeners
  • HTG is committed to increase the amount of locally produced produce and value added food products in the winter

Goal 2
: Improve access to fresh, healthy, affordable local food for low-income residents in Adams County through the development of a sustainable, neighborhood-serving organic, grassroots-based, food system dedicated to transforming Adams County into a healthy food environment.

  • HTG will establish an effective, self-sustaining distribution system to sell local produce locally
  • HTG will increase community awareness of affordable sources of local produce
  • HTG will promote the establishment of direct marketing opportunities, such as farm stands and farmers’ markets in low income areas of Adams County
  • HTG will foster a cost competitive fresh foods network
  • HTG will increase the pounds of local produce donated to food assistance programs
  • HTG seeks to increase the amounts of fresh produce that clients accept at food assistance locations
  • HTG is committed to increase the amount of locally produced produce and value added food products in the winter

Goal 3
: Increase the local capacity of low income, at risk, and under-represented communities of Adams County in agricultural microenterprise development and self-sufficiency skills.

  • HTG makes agricultural microenterprise job training and self-reliance skills development opportunities for low income and at risk communities more available
  • HTG expands the ability of low income and at risk communities comfortable shopping for and preparing local-foods based nutritious meals and snacks
  • HTG expands on opportunities for local food-related entrepreneurship and employment of low income and under-represented communities
  • HTG reduces recidivism rates among HTG program participants
  • HTG increases the number of under-represented communities farming and gardening

Why We Do What We Do

Food insecurity is rising rapidly in Adams County while the population of direct marketing produce farmers is on the decline. Harvesting True Growth through agricultural training of felons and ex-felons has the capacity to reverse both of these trends. To find out more, view the following report:  
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Community Foods Enrichment Program

The Community Foods Enrichment Program trains under-represented communities to farm, supporting their development and their ability to access local, low income communities with the produce grown. The training program and toolkit that this program is developing will be useful to farmers and food and farming organizations all over Colorado in learning how to engage low income and at risk communities to grow farmers and make local foods more accessible.

Year 1:

HTG will focus on growing farmers at the Phoenix Center, creating an agricultural internship program that will produce skilled and knowledgeable farmers.  Agricultural farming technical advisors will be utilized for training and support for developing program curriculum. 
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Year 2:

HTG will introduce the agricultural curriculum that was developed at the Phoenix Center into the local Adams County community, providing a testing ground for seasoned HTG participants to utilize their skills in the local community. HTG farmers will teach skills into the community & Adams County.  HTG will provide a means of a self-sustaining agricultural system within the local area increasing the communities awareness of affordable sources of local produce.  HTG will Educate the Adams County urban communities about the situation small family farmers are in, by creating dialogues around local agriculture and sustainability and through supporting the development of new farmers and gardeners from under-represented and low income communities. HTG will promote opportunities for small-scale Adams County farms to share equipment, training, and build direct marketing capacity together.
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Year 3:

HTG's model from the Phoenix Center for replication into the community will provide a means of ongoing stability and growth.  HTG will utilize seasoned farmers with HTG’s strategic business model to connect with other local organizations and local communities outside Adams County. HTG will use the experience gained from its successful urban agriculture & backyard gardening training program to provide a tested and proven tool kit for other organizations, farm associations, farmers markets, and low-income communities interested in agriculture. HTG’s core curriculum will be a catalyst for individual and private farmers looking to train employees. 
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